About Us

When the economy took a downturn a few years ago, multiple charity events around the country were cancelled. Daniel Herron started recruiting some area personnel to start a charity golf tournament. We feel fortunate to have the Arkansas Children’s Hospital as the beneficiary. The hospital provides care to all aspects of treatment for their patients. with this care, they also support the families through multiple avenues. ACH works throughout Arkansas but is also takes patients from nearby states. Many of us that participate have seen the results of the hospital and been touched by the care provided to the children.

In 2009, the first tournament was held at the Thunder Bayou in Blytheville, Ark and we had a good turn-out. But this was only the beginning. Each subsequent year, we have continued to grow in sponsoships, donations, and golf participants. The first year yeilded +$1,000, 2012 just under $10,000, 2013 over $13,000, 2014 we managed to break the $18,000 mark, 2015 over $17,000, 2016 was our biggest year yet raising $18,713, 2017 we followed that up with another year north of $18,000 to ACH with lots of help.

This year, our goal is high – but is dependant on everyone and the donations recieveved. Through some private donations, we hope to be able to go north of the $20,0000 mark this year. That can only occur with everyone’s help in participating, donating, and spreading the word.

We’ve added the website and a Facebook page – so please check back and friend us as we will keep everyone posted of our status, changes, addittions, and progress.

If you would like to be a title sponsor, arrangements can be made. Please email Daniel or Chris for any details.

Thanks for the years of support and we look forward to setting a new donation record this year!